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IFSP partners with Virtual School of Government

Membership allows courses to be offered IFSP to all concerned nationwide through Enap

  • Published: Tuesday, April 06th, 2021, 16:19 am
  • Last updated on Thursday, 15 April 2021, 09h37

In the last month of February, IFSP and Enap signed a cotechnical operation that will allow the offer of courses from the Federal Institute through the course platform a distance from the National School of Public Administration. The programme “Law 8.112 / 90 and its amendments” will be the first To be available pelEnap in the month of April 

Adhesion, carried out in the modality "contudist", allows the IFSP use the platform EV.G with all the necessary support for the production and offer of courses in the distance modality, aiming at the formation of public servants, whether from this or other institutions. Although the content is directed to the servers, all interested parties can access the courses for free. The courses will be certified with workload and other requirements, through the Enap platform itself. 

According to Paulo José Evaristo da Silva, diretor do Reference Center in EaD (DED-CEAD), adhesion allows training coursesdicated to IFSP servers extend also to others professionals. "And more a collaboration It hurtsFSP within the network, either at the campus, thinking about training courses that meet your needs, be at the national level, sharesnd your productions com different organs"Says.  

Paulo points out that the partnership allows still the development of more options of trails and training itineraries for o meeting training demands, so much for the IFSP as for other Federal Institutes and government institutions in general. 

ccoordinator of Personnel Development Training (CFOR-PRD), Priscila Cabreira de Freitas, stresses that initially the courses already produced and offered at the IFSP will be made available through partnerships with DED-CEAD and CFOR. Then, new courses will be developed directly on the E platformcup. 

On the initiative of Dean's Office Institutional Development (PRD)o agreement is pioneer in the federal network and brings several advantages to the institution, points out pro-rector Bruno Luz: the scope of the courses for both public agents and society in general; the optimization of costs with the maintenance of distance education platforms (equipment, infrastructure and updating of applications and systems); the provision of academic management services (management of the offer of courses, registration, access, issuing documents to students, catalog of courses and class calendar); to data management that allows analysis on the evolution of courses, profiles and student performance; and certification, carried out by that government school. "It is about the consolidation of a proposal dthe current management, which idealizedou the implementation of a School of Government at the IFSP", ends 

 course “Law 8.112 / 90 and its amendments” will debut as the first IFSP course provided by ENAP's Virtual School of Government. 

The course, which has already trained hundreds of IFSP servers and has been transformed into an e-book, will be offered nationwide in a self-instructional format, with an offering beginning in April 2021. 


The National School of Public Administration is an institution with years of experience in offering training courses of servers and the general public, quand has been seeking expanded your catalog a from mutual collaboration with institutions, centralizing the different training options in one place. 

Get to knowthe courses offered by ENAP here 

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