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IFSP regulates the movement of servers

Ordinance nº 3.832/2020 is based on rules issued by the Ministry of Economy

  • Published: Thursday, 05 November 2020, 11h27
  • Last updated on Wednesday, 11 November 2020, 11h58

The Federal Institute of São Paulo makes public the Ordinance no. 3.832 / 2020, which provides for the rules for civil servants and employees of the bodies and entities of the Federal Public Administration with an interest in composing the workforce of the effective staff of IFSP employees. The document is based on the Ordinance No. 282 of the Ministry of Economy, published on July 24, 2020.

IFSP, through the Personnel Development and Management Directorate, also published the Communiqué 10/2020, which provides guidance on the procedures, flows, requirements and documents for the composition of the workforce.

According to the new rules, there will be two modalities of movement: consensual indication and selection process.

In the consensual indication, the servant interested in composing the IFSP workforce must contact the IFSP unit (campus or rectory) which is interested in acting. If the IFSP is interested, the documentation contained in Communiqué 10/2020 / DDGP must be filled out and forwarded to the stocking agency, which will perform the analysis and issue a decision regarding the movement. In case of consensus between the agencies, the process will be forwarded to the Ministry of Economy, which will analyze whether the basic requirements have been met and will authorize the movement or not.

In the selection process, the movement of personnel occurs through the disclosure of the selection notice on the IFSP website and on the single portal made available by the Ministry of Economy. After the selection, the agency asks the Ministry of Economy to move the selected server. If the criteria and requirements of the ordinance are met, the agency of origin must release the server within 30 days.

For the movement to occur it is necessary that some requirements are met, among them, the demonstration of the relevance of the activity that will be performed by the server; the compatibility of the activity with assignments of the position of the server and the commitment that there will be no deviation of function.

According to the server Guilherme Oliveira Leite, Director of Personnel Management at IFSP, the procedures related to the movement will be conducted by the Institutional Development Dean, through the Administrative and Information Coordination (CADI-DGP). According to him, to carry out the movement in the selection process modality, a consultation is being carried out with the directors-general to indicate positions / profiles that will appear in the IFSP notice. It is expected that the announcement will be published in this month of November.

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