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Campus Jacareí holds I Week of the Public Administrator of the IFSP

Event will be held between the 27th and 30th of October

  • Published: Monday, 26 October 2020, 18h54
  • Last updated on Wednesday, 28 October 2020, 15:50

The Jacareí Campus will hold, from October 27th to 30th, the XNUMXst Week of the Public Administrator of the IFSP. The event will be online and will have the theme "The challenges and possibilities of Public Administration and its agents in a pandemic Brazil". The theme will be deepened under four axes: work, culture, environment and education.

According to Professor Simone Lisboa, the idea of ​​the event arose in view of the need and desire to establish a space for dialogue between the surrounding community, social agents, public agents and the IFSP community from a collaborative and integrated view. various problems experienced by the community, challenges and reflections on ways out and strategies to overcome difficulties, based on a joint and diverse vision. In addition, it is configured as an opportunity for students of Administration courses, at the technical and higher levels, to analyze the situation of Public Administration and the role of the Public Administrator.

The lectures will always be held at 19 pm, through the Microsoft Teams platform. There is no audience limit, no need to register, but those interested in participating should access the specific link for each day of the event. THE opening speech, which addresses the theme of the work, is the only one that will happen at 21pm. The guest is the Technical Supervisor of Dieese São Paulo, Victor Gnecco Pagani. The access link is available here. After the event, all lectures will be made available on Youtube.

Check the schedule of the other days of the event:

October 28 - Education

Participants: Marcelo dos Santos (Professor at the State and Municipal Networks of RJ) and Francisca Pini (Professor at Unifesp). Mediation: Simone Lisboa (IFSP). Click here to participate.

October 29 - Culture

Participants: Simone Lisboa (IFSP); Célio Turino (Writer) and Fernando Alves (Professor at the Municipal Network of São José dos Campos). Mediation: Jacque Baumgratz (Itaú Cultural Observatory). Click here to participate.

October 30: Environment

Participants: Ricardo Galvão (Former director of Inpe); Raquel Montana (Professor at IFSP) and Antônia Ivoneide de Melo Silva (National Directorate of the MST). Click here to participate


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