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Project promotes Scientific Literacy during pandemic

São José dos Campos Campus initiative produces teaching materials and recreational activities for children

  • Published: Wednesday 21 October 2020, 15h39
  • Last updated on Friday, 23 October 2020, 21h26

Students and teachers at the São José dos Campos Campus are developing the Extension Project “Scientific Literacy in times of pandemic”. The initiative aims to present the characteristics of a pandemic and strategies to protect individual and collective health, using language appropriate to the needs of students in early childhood education and early years of elementary school.

The project is coordinated by professors Maria Tereza Fabbro and Janaina de Alencar and has nine scholarship students from the Chemistry and Mathematics Degree and Specialization in Teaching in Basic Education courses, in addition to partners from the Department of Education of the municipality of São José dos Campos and Professor Presley Serejo (IFMA / Unifesp). According to Professor Maria Tereza, two themes are being worked on initially: vaccine and the environment.

The project activities promote the dissemination of scientific knowledge through profiles on Instragram social networks (@ ac.ifsp.sj) and Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/ac.ifsp.sjc/), in addition to virtual meetings through the Microsoft Teams platform and Whatsapp groups. 

For the scholarship holder Wanderson Teodoro, from the Chemistry Degree course, the project has been of great importance, as it allows participants to build a new perspective on science education, especially because the work is geared towards children. "It represents a challenge and at the same time a great learning: challenge to instill children's curiosity about science outside the school and learning context, because we need to use new teaching strategies, because it is a distance learning", he said.

Isabela Ramos is a student in the Specialization Course in Teaching in Basic Education and is also part of the project team. She believes that nowadays, when disinformation is increasingly present on the internet, there is a great danger to public health in times of pandemic. For this reason, according to her, a project that shares scientific knowledge becomes essential. "As educators in this distance model, one of our responsibilities is to create a space of communication that is safe, objective and clear for the whole community, especially for children who are in an intense moment of new meanings of learning", he said.

If you liked the project, like and share the pages on Instagram e Facebook so that more children and parents can access the content.

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