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Technical courses at Campus São Paulo: check the call for enrollment

IFSP released today (26) the Call for registration and Response to resources.

  • Published: Monday, 26 October 2020, 19h16

The Dean of Education disclosed the electronic draw lists to fill the vacancies of the technical courses at the Campus São Paulo (Notice no. 35/2020), held on October 16. Public school candidates may appear on more than one list.

The system for reserving vacancies in the selection process for technical courses at the IFSP operates in an inclusive manner, so that those enrolled from public schools can participate in more than one reserve list of vacancies if they present information about the following conditions: low income , person with disabilities and / or black, brown or indigenous ethnicity. 

If more than one list is drawn, the candidate will be invited to enroll through the list that was best classified, respecting the ordering described in items 5.9 and 7.3 of the edict.

To check the list of the electronic draw, the candidate needs to know his / her number for the draw. To do so, open the list with the Confirmed Registrations and look for your name in the course for which you signed up. In this list of confirmed registrations, in addition to your name and your registration number in the selection process, there is also a number in the first column on the left. This is your number for the draw.

Check out here the electronic draw.

Call for registration NEW

Response to resources NEW



Câmpus São Paulo is offering 160 places for the technical courses in Buildings, Electrotechnics and Telecommunications for admission in the second semester of 2020. Applications were made between September 28th and October 9th. The course is free.

Interested parties must register exclusively at the address https://processoseletivo.ifsp.edu.br/. There is no registration fee. The selection will be made by electronic lottery to be held on October 16th.

The technical course is offered in the concomitant and subsequent to high school modalities. Technical courses concurrent with high school are those in which the student must be enrolled in high school at another educational institution. For technical courses subsequent to high school, candidates must have completed high school. In both cases, students attend only technical education at IFSP.

See all information about the selection process at SPO Notice no. 35/2020


SPO Notice no. 35/2020

Errata nº 1 of Public Notice SPO nº 35/3030 - alteration of the schedule

Candidate x vacancy ratio

Confirmed subscriptions

Electronic draw lists NEW


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