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Latest News Servers

Written by Nemesio Freitas Duarte Filho (DIR)

IFSP closes agreement with USCS to offer monthly fee discount to servers

A cooperation agreement between the IFSP and the Municipal University of São Caetano do Sul provides for the granting of a 20% discount on tuition for stricto sensu postgraduate courses ...

  • Written by Danielle Yura (ACS-GAB)
  • published
  • 22/11/17
  • 11h18

Paid leave: results will be announced on the 30th

The Directorate of Development and People Management (DDGP) informs that the preliminary result of the paid leave to participate in a stricto sensu postgraduate program ...

  • Written by Danielle Yura (ACS-GAB)
  • published
  • 27/10/17
  • 12h44

Logistics and Budget Directorates publish normative instructions

The Logistics and Procurement Directorate (DLA) and the Budget and Finance Directorate (DOF), linked to the Dean of Administration (PRA), publish the Joint Normative Instruction ...

  • Written by Daniel Henrique Soliman (ACS-GAB)
  • published
  • 19/10/17
  • 14h26

TAEs removal: rectification of the final result

The Internal Committee for Supervision of the Career Plan of the Administrative Technicians in Education of the IFSP (Cista) discloses the rectification of the final result of the removal ...

  • Written by Danielle Yura (ACS-GAB)
  • published
  • 03/10/17
  • 13h06

IFSP servers have a monthly fee discount from other HEIs

The IFSP Dean for Research, Innovation and Graduate Studies has partnered with higher education institutions in order to offer discounts on tuition fees to ...

  • Written by Danielle Yura (ACS-GAB)
  • published
  • 27/04/17
  • 11h12
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