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IFSP expands options for hiring health plans

Published: Thursday 08 April 2021, 18:10 pm | Last updated on Thursday, 08 April 2021, 18h26

Five more health plan administrators start serving employees

As of today, April 8, 2021, six health plan administrators can offer their services to IFSP employees. In addition to Qualicorp Administradora de Valores SA (Aliança Administradora), which already had an agreement with the IFSP, health plans may be contracted via Benevix Administradora de BENEFITS, Elo Administradora de BENEFITS Ltda., Servix Administradora de BENEFITS Sociedade Simples, Allcare Administradora de Serviços em Saúde Ltda. and Extramed Administração e Serviços Ltda.  

The Coordination of Training and Development of People (CFOR-PRD) has held meetings with representatives of companies in order to learn about the benefits offered and proposals for disclosure. The objective is to facilitate contact between servers and administrators and provide the presentation of contracting conditions, so that the server is able to make the best choice for self-care and that of his family. In this sense, a personalized space was made available on the IFSP website for each partner, aiming at the disclosure of information, plans, linked operators, needs (and possible exemptions), price lists, contacts and the like.

To date, four administrators have participated in meetings and provided personalized material, which can be viewed here

The same procedure will be carried out from the contact with the others. In any case, the six administrators have information available in their own environments on the IFSP website, guaranteeing the server access to all of them.

To keep up to date on the subject, the server will be able to follow the news by accessing the reserved environment on the IFSP website and also by self-service from DGP, selecting option “11”.

Find out more about DGP's self-service at:

DGP provides self-service via WhatsApp to servers



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