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First Aid Notions Course will be offered to servers

Published: Tuesday, 30 March 2021, 16h40 | Last updated on Tuesday, March 30, 2021, 17:13

The course was produced by IFSP and will offer vacancies to servers from all campuses

From April 6, the Federal Institute of São Paulo will offer its servers the course “Notions of First Aid” in a virtual way, through the Moodle platform.

The training, which will last 40 hours arranged over 4 weeks, will allow the student to recognize and identify situations that require first aid.

According to professor Mirely Ferreira dos Santos, the course's developer and minister, in addition to being extremely important, training in first aid notions is also mandatory for teachers and public and private employees, according to Law No. 13.722 / 18, in its Art. 1º: “Public education basic education establishments, through their respective education systems, and private education basic education and children's recreation establishments should train teachers and staff in the concepts of first aid.”

For this reason, the first offer of the course will have its places available in equal quantity for all campuses and the Rectory, thus enabling the training of at least one server to perform immediate service, whether student, server or citizen who is in or outside the institution, in order to preserve their well-being and their life until the arrival of specialized professionals.

Guidance on the form of selection and registration will be passed on to campus managers, who must designate two servers for the course, one holder of the vacancy and another alternate.

Interested parties for the next offers can fill out an interest form, available on here, and be notified when new classes are opened. In case of vacancies remaining in the first offer, these will be made available to those who show interest in this form, respecting the order of registration.

This action is the result of the involvement of several sectors of the IFSP: the EaD Reference Center (DED-CEAD), the Dean of Education (PRE), the Server Health Coordination (CSS) and the Training and Development Coordination of Personnel (CFOR), of the Dean of Institutional Development (PRD).

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