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IFSP signs partnership with new health plan administrators

Published: Wednesday 24 March 2021, 15:00 pm | Last updated on Wednesday, 24 March 2021, 15h00

Six new companies will offer several plan options to servers

The IFSP rectory recently signed adherence to partnership agreements that will expand the offer of health services to its employees. As of April 8, six benefit administrators will be able to offer a variety of health plan proposals. In addition to Qualicorp Administradora de Serviços SA (Aliança Administradora), health plans may be contracted via Benevix Administradora de BENEFITS, Elo Administradora de BENEFITS Ltda, Servix Administradora de BENEFITS Sociedade Simples, Allcare Administradora de Serviços em Saúde Ltda and Extramed Administração e Serviços Ltda. 


This adherence refers to the partnership agreements signed between the Ministry of Education and the Benefit Administrators at the beginning of this year, with each institution linked to the MEC showing an interest. The plans may be contracted by active and inactive employees, their dependents and IFSP pensioners. The plans are covered nationwide.

The action, carried out by the Personnel Training and Development Coordination of the Institutional Development Office (CFOR-DGP), aims to increase the options for providing services and health plans to IFSP employees.

The coordinator of the CFOR-DGP, Priscila Cabreira de Freitas, informs that from April 8, with the beginning of the term of these agreements, the health plan administrators will be able to disclose the proposals in several ways, such as sending e-mails, indication access links, organization of live broadcasts over the internet, web conference meetings, chat questions and service channels, sales contacts, among others. All of this to ensure that all servers have access to information, can answer questions and make the best choice.

It is worth remembering that civil servants may continue to hire health plans through other channels. The partnerships seek to provide more options to the IFSP servers, so that they can select the one that best meets their needs and that of their dependents.

New information will be disseminated through news on the IFSP website and the DGP self-service channel (by clicking on the “11” option), as meetings with the companies take place. To learn more about the IFSP DGP self-service service. know more here .

Among the health services to be offered, there are: outpatient and hospital medical assistance, physiotherapy, psychological and pharmaceutical care, comprising births and treatments, performed exclusively in the country, with a standard of infirmary, intensive care center, or similar, for treatment. of the diseases listed in the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Health-Related Problems, of the World Health Organization. In addition, the Dean of Institutional Development will seek to enable, through these agreements, more actions related to the health and quality of life of the IFSP servers.

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