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IFSP wins Health Promotion and Quality of Life at Work Policy

Published: Wednesday, 23 December 2020, 10h23 | Last updated on Wednesday, December 23, 2020, 14:06 am

Multidisciplinary health commission starts work in January 2021 

The IFSP instituted, last Monday (21), the Policy for Promotion of Health and Quality of Life at Work (PSQVIDA-IFSP), through the Ordinance no. 4.389 / 2020. The policy provides for the allocation of a percentage of the weekly workload (up to 5%) so that civil servants can participate in actions. 

The document aims to guide the practice of promoting health, safety and quality of life at work for employees and employees; promote well-being within the Institution and encourage self-development outside the work environment, considering the various aspects that make up the integrality of the human being, and contribute to the effectiveness of the Institution's social function. 

The policy is the result of a joint work between the Health Care and Quality of Life Personnel Coordination (CASP-DGP) and the Personnel Training and Development Coordination (CFOR-DGP), both linked to the Deputy Directorate for Development of Staff of the Dean of Institutional Development (PRD).

For Ana Regina Vasconcellos Moussessian, social worker and coordinator of CASP, the construction of the policy is a major advance within the Institution, which has been seeking better service to civil servants: “this was the first step on a path to follow”.

Based on this policy, explains the CFOR coordinator, Priscila Cabreira de Freitas, it will be possible to develop programs, projects and actions to promote health and quality of life for civil servants in a structured way, with better defined objectives and guided by the needs observed in the daily. “The intention is that the actions are aimed at diversified areas, contributing to the biopsychosocial well-being and development, not only for the professional field, but for the life of the civil servant in a broad way.”

In order to develop the Quality of Life Program at the Rectory, which will be used as a model for campuses, the Ordinance No. 4.049, of November 23, 2020, a commission involving civil servants with multidisciplinary training in health, whose work will begin in January 2021 and monitored by the PRD's People Management Directorate.

The Program represents the set of actions and projects aimed at implementing benefits that gradually improve the quality of the organizational environment and that contribute to the integral development of employees and employees. The projects will be elaborated within the scope of the rectory and the campuses, based on the current program, the notices and the guidelines to be offered to the civil servants. 

The Dean of Institutional Development, Bruno Nogueira Luz, recalls that when he assumed the portfolio, in July this year, he dedicated himself primarily to reflection and to the execution of quality of life projects for civil servants, taking into account the pandemic scenario caused by Covid-19. Bruno points out that the goal is to expand the notices for all campuses by 2022. “We know that this is a first step, but we will certainly reap the results of this project in the day-to-day work and in the lives of all employees who participate, as well how to promote in an intrinsic way the improvement in the quality of the services we provide to the whole community. "

See the documents in full below:

Ordinance No. 4.389 / 2020 - Provides the IFSP Policy on Health Promotion and Quality of Life at Work

Ordinance No. 4.049 / 2020 - Constitutes Commission responsible for instituting the Health Promotion and Quality of Life Program in the IFSP Rectory

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