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DGP provides self-service via WhatsApp to servers

Published: Friday, 04 December 2020, 07:47 | Last updated on Friday, 04 December 2020, 18:51

The service channel contains the main information related to the sector's demands

The People Management Directorate (DGP) of the Institutional Development Dean's Office reports that as of December 4, the institution's employees can use a new form of contact with the sector: Whatsapp.

In the application, the main information related to the activities under the competence of the IFSP People Management Directorate was made available. The objective is to facilitate and expedite the answering of doubts of active employees, retirees and pensioners, indicating the respective legal basis and the form of request, when necessary.

To use the service, the servers must add to their list of contacts on their cell phone the number (11) 3775-4543 and contact them through the WhatsApp application, sending a greeting ("Hi", "Hello", "Good morning", "Good afternoon Good evening"). After the message, the server must identify himself, informing his full name, place of exercise and position.

In addition, the use of self-service aims to reduce the volume of e-mails sent to the Directorate / Coordination of People Management or similar sectors of the campuses and Rectory, optimizing services in general.

The service will be constantly updated, considering the frequent updates of the Legislation and the inclusion of new options for servers. Suggestions or other information should be sent to e-mail address . DGP's self-service can be assessed using the available form here

The People Management director, Guilherme Oliveira Leite, emphasizes the importance of the partnership with IF Sertão de Pernambucano for the implementation of this system. “We are grateful to the IF Sertão Pernambucano People Management Board; During the virtual meeting of the People Management Officers Forum of the institutions of the Federal Network for Professional, Scientific and Technological Education (FORGEP), the director, Jean Lúcio Santos Evangelista, presented the application to us as a possibility of interaction with the server, which will improve our relationship with servers. ”

In July 2020, when the Dean of Institutional Development, Bruno Luz, took over, held individual meetings with 33 Units of Personnel Management (CGP) of the units. In these meetings, the main points of improvement, suggestions, complaints of routine and personnel management procedures on the campuses and their relationship with the rectory were mapped. According to Luz, an indicator that was common, in practically 100% of the meetings, was the optimization in the attendance related to general doubts of the servants, and this was the motivator for the PRD to search for solutions to improve these procedures.


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