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Certificates can be sent by computer and cell phone

Published: Thursday, 03 December 2020, 13h20 | Last updated on Thursday, December 03, 2020, 13h36

Servers can forward medical and dental certificates online

The Ministry of Economy made available the functionality that allows the sending of medical and dental certificates through the Atestado Web platform also through the desktop computer. 

For sending the document through the computer, the server must access the SIGAC / SIGEPE (Federal Government Human Resources System) Server / Pensioner. The sending of certificates through a smartphone device must be done through the Sigepe Mobile application. 

See the information on DGP Communiqué No. 13/2020.

Since September 21, IFSP servers have had the option of forwarding medical and dental certificates to the Server's Health Care Coordination through the Atestado Web online platform, without the need to travel. 

The facility was offered to the IFSP through a pilot project created by the Ministry of Economy. The portfolio's invitation to participate in the project, according to Guilherme Oliveira Leite, Director of People Management at the Dean of Institutional Development (PRD), demonstrates the recognition and relevance of the health care units of the IFSP server. know more here.

See in the following tutorial how to add, consult, edit and delete certificates from the computer. 


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