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PRD publishes payroll closing schedule

Published: Tuesday 03 November 2020, 17:32 am | Last updated on Monday, 03 May 2021, at 14:47

Servers should pay attention to the dates to request changes

The Deputy Directorate for Registration and Payment of Personnel of the Office of Institutional Development (PRD) discloses, as of November 2020, the monthly schedule for closing the payroll. The goal is to give servers time to request changes related to the sheet.

The payroll schedule is made available by the Ministry of Economy and may vary from month to month. With the disclosure of the closing dates of the sheet, the servers can request demands within the timeframe for launch in the same month. If the dates entered are not respected, the server will know that the entries will be made in the next payment. 

The schedules for the closing of the sheet will always be published between the 23rd and 26th of each month, according to the information sent by the Ministry of Economy. 

If there are differences in the paycheck preview, the server must contact the preview period according to the monthly calendar. 

Servants in office at the rectory should contact the Personnel Payment Coordination (CPP) through the electronic address . Servants working on full campuses should seek the campus Personnel Management Directorate / Coordination. On the other hand, civil servants on advanced campuses should seek the Deputy Directorate of Administration of the campus or equivalent sector.

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