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IFSP publishes new ordinance with rules for removal of TAE's

Published: Friday, 26 June 2020, 18:44 PM | Last updated on Friday, 26 June 2020, at 19:14

Ordinance No. 2252 deals with the granting of leave to technical-administrative employees to participate in Postgraduate programs 

The IFSP published the Ordinance No. 2252, which deals with the rules, criteria and procedures for granting leave of absence to technical-administrative employees for participation in Stricto Sensu Postgraduate and Postdoctoral Programs. The document revoked the previous ordinance, No. 1972, of May 18, 2020.

The new ordinance was published based on the draft prepared by a Working Group (WG) composed of three representatives from the College of Directors (Coldir), three from the Dean of Institutional Development (PRD), three TAEs from the Superior Council and three members the Internal Supervisory Commission (CIS). In the main discussion of the WG, which was the determination of the percentage to be observed in the offer of vacancies for leave on each campus, the maintenance of 11% was approved.

According to the IFSP dean, Eduardo Modena, the 1972 ordinance was the result of the discussion of a first working group, formed in 2019, with the previous management of the Internal Supervisory Commission (CIS). With the change in the management of the commission, the rectory felt the need to resume this work to resolve doubts or leave with the acceptance of what was proposed by the 2019 working group. Then the rector appointed a new WG, which aimed to ratify the 1972 ordinance, or improve it as appropriate. According to Modena, this new working group distanced itself from the initial task and rediscussed the administrative technician's removal order from the beginning.

In view of the new situation, the rectory received the work of the second GT and submitted it to the Legal Department, which identified some inadequacies. Once the adjustments were made, the IFSP issued the Ordinance No. 2252. "With this, the rectory reaffirms its commitment to the defense of what is legal and possible in the defense of the career of administrative technicians and teachers," said Modena.


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