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DDGP announcement on processes

Published: Thursday, 28 May 2020, 18h18 | Last updated on Thursday, 28 May 2020, at 18:35

Document brings clarifications due to the publication of Supplementary Law 173 of May 27, 2020

The IFSP Directorate for Development and Personnel Management (DDGP) launched, on Thursday (28), a Communication regarding Complementary Law No. 173 of May 27, 2020. DDGP informs that it will maintain the analysis and processing of requests under its competence, deferring those whose concession criteria have been met before the said Law is in force and for other cases, it will await guidance from the Central Agency.

The document provides an overview of the situation of DDGP's competence procedures, with regard to processes related to the career of teachers and administrative technicians. Check here Communiqué 01/2020 - DDGP-DGP / PRO-DI / RET / IFSP.

According to the Director of Personnel Development and Management, Elaine Cristina dos Santos, the processes that increase personnel expenses, such as progressions and CSR, will be analyzed normally, however, they will not be sent to the preparation of ordinances nor released on the sheet. payment, for now. "What we advise the servers is to forward the processes to the Campus CGPs, we will continue to analyze them until some guidance from the Ministry of Economy comes," he said.

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