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CPPD Elections: Partial Election Result

Published: Monday, January 06st, 2020, 10:00 PM | Last updated on Monday, January 06, 2020, 11:57

IFSP discloses partial result of elections for central CPPD and local CPPD.


Check out Communiqué 15/2019 - CPPD with the partial result of the elections of the central and local CPPD.


Voting for new members is only today (12) and takes place at Aurora System. Teachers must participate in two voting processes, one for CPPD Central and one for Local CPPD's.


The IFSP published the Notice 798/2019 which deals with the restoration of the Central Permanent Teaching Personnel Commission (CPPD) and the creation of Local CPPDs. Alternate members will be elected to the CPPD Central for the remainder of the term, until June 2020, and for the Locals, a full member and an alternate will be elected for each group of up to 90 faculty members on the campus, for the term of February 2020 to February 2022.

Candidates' registrations take place from November 27 to 29, via Aurora System. The requirements to apply for CPPD are:

  1. To be a professor of the permanent staff of the IFSP, in effective exercise;
  2. Not be in the position of director, gratified function, commissioned function of coordinating the course or in the exercise of other representation;
  3. Not be a full or alternate member of the Board of Governors; 
  4. Not be a full or alternate member of the Board of Directors. 

According to Professor Vitor Mendes Caldana, a member of the CPPD, the need to hold the election in 2019 is to form the Local CPPDs at the beginning of the year 2020, allowing, once trained, the servers can assist in the campus in the filling out the teacher evaluation spreadsheet for the 2019-02 semester. The local CPPD will also play a key role in bringing together Central Committee professors and reducing the deadlines for issuing ordinances, as it will help teachers to properly instruct the processes. 


Communiqué 15/2019 - CPPD - Partial election result

Communiqué 11/2019 - CPPD-GAB / GAB-RET / RET / IFSP - Schedule Extension 

 Notice n ° 798/2019 - CPPD Central and Local CPPD Electoral Code


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