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The Publisher of the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of São Paulo - EDIFSP is an organ, linked to the office of the Rector, responsible for scientific-academic publications of institutional interest. Priority is given to academic works produced by the IFSP community and those arising from editorial partnerships with other public school institutions.
The publisher has an Editorial Board that is an advisory body responsible for proposing and implementing EDIFSP's editorial policy. The elected representatives have a two-year term, with an extension for an equal period. 

Editorial Policies - EDIFSP 

EDIFSP's editorial policy is in accordance with Resolution No. 83/2016, which approves the Publisher's Rules of Procedure, and shares lines of research that contemplate the areas of interest of the Federal Institute of São Paulo, covering themes within the scope of:


  • Biological Sciences;
  • Exact and Earth Sciences;
  • Health Sciences;
  • Agrarian Sciences;
  • Human Sciences;
  • Applied Social Sciences;
  • Engineering;
  • Linguistics, Letters and Arts;
  • Other multi or interdisciplinary areas.

Scientific, technical, literary, artistic and cultural productions, as well as didactic materials, produced and broadcast in different formats, are considered as editorial products under the scope of EDIFSP, as assessed by EDIFSP.

All publications, according to the technical and financial capacity of EDIFSP, may be published in print and / or digital and made available through their own logistical means, except for those that present any type of legal impediment.

The editorial lines are specific copyright dimensions for editing, publishing and disseminating organized production, at the following level:

  1. a) academic: unpublished texts from academic research presented as theses, dissertations and monographs;
  2. b) technical-scientific: works for the dissemination of scientific, technical and technological knowledge that have no didactic-pedagogical character;
  3. c) de didactic-pedagogical support: works produced and published with the purpose of offering support to the various pedagogical practices developed in formal and informal education environments, in teaching, research and extension actions;
  4. d) artistic-literary: works from artistic productions in their different languages.

EDIFSP can prioritize the publication of works through Series and / or Collections with specific notices for the receipt of new proposals, based on its own demands, in partnership with other sectors of the internal and external IFSP community.

The Series and / or Collections must be understood as sets of works that aim to contribute specifically to the dissemination of the knowledge produced within the scope of the IFSP and / or in external partnerships in actions of teaching, research, innovation and extension.

At any time, EDIFSP may create a seal or brand to launch specific editorial products for a specific segment of IFSP knowledge or demand.

Proposals for single works are also accepted in a continuous flow, as long as thematic consistency and compliance with the Publication and Evaluation Standards by the Editorial Board are guaranteed, based on technical advice from the Scientific Council.

All publication proposals received by EDIFSP, via published notices, will be registered and sent to the Editorial Board for analysis and, once pre-approved, will be forwarded to referees, specialized in the area of ​​knowledge of the work being evaluated for approval or rejection of accepted for publication.

EDIFSP and its Editorial Board are responsible for receiving, evaluating and approving requests for reissue of works, co-authoring and creating stamps and / or collections requested by the community, considering the principles and objectives of EDIFSP, privileging requests made by servers and students of the IFSP.


Coordination: Rubens Lacerda de Sá 

Contact:  .

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Guidelines for publication

Notice nº 132/2018 - EDIFSP-Teses seal (PDF type, size 123, 3KB)

Rectification 001 of Notice no. 132/2018 / IFSP - EDIFISP Seal - Theses - of the schedule (Type PDF, size 571KB)

Preliminary result Edital nº 132/2018 - EDIFSP-Teses seal

 Resolution nº 84/2017 (PDF type, size 15,1MB)

Memory of the First Meeting of IFSP Journal Editors

IFSP Scientific Journals Portal

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