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Domestic Legislation

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Resolution No. 41/2014 - Institutional Incentive Program for Participation in Scientific and Technological Events for IFSP servers (PIPECT)

Resolution No. 97/2014 - Institutional Program to Assist the Participation of Students in Events (PIPDE)

Resolution No. 32/2015 - Relationship Regulation between the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of São Paulo and the Support Foundations

     Resolution No. 75/2016 - Amends art. 10, 11, 12, 26, §4 of art. 28 and art. 31 of Resolution No. 32/2015

     Resolution No. 10/2018 - Amends paragraph 3 of art. 18 and art. 23 of Resolution No. 32/2015

Resolution No. 9/2016 - Approves ad referendum the Regulations of the Research, Innovation and Postgraduate Council of the Federal Institute of São Paulo (CONPIP)

     Resolution No. 17/2016 - Referendum to Resolution No. 9/2016

     Resolution No. 25/2018 - Amends Resolution No. 9/2016 - CONPIP Rules

Resolution No. 81/2018 - Guidelines for research activities and regulations for projects with internal or external IFSP funding

Resolution No. 14/2019 - Repeal ad referendum Resolution No. 182/2010 and its amendments, which deal with the IFSP Research Ethics Committee Regulations

     Resolution No. 17/2019 - Referendum to Resolution No. 14/2019

     Ordinance no. 1.596 / 2019 - IFSP Research Ethics Committee Charter

Resolution No. 65/2019 - Regulates the granting of scholarships for teaching, research, extension, innovation, institutional development and exchange within the scope of the IFSP

Resolution No. 61/2020 - Internal Rules of the Ethics Committee on the Use of Animals of the IFSP (CEUA)


Ordinance no. 3.903 / 2018 - Regulation of the IFSP Voluntary Scientific and / or Technological Initiation Program (PIVICT)

Ordinance no. 3.904 / 2018 - Regulation of the Institutional Program for Scientific and Technological Initiation Scholarships of the IFSP (PIBIFSP)

Ordinance no. 3.815 / 2018 - Guidelines for the activities of the IFSP Research Groups

Ordinance no. 1.815 / 2019 - Regulation of the Researcher Card within the scope of the IFSP


Normative Instruction:
IN nº 1/2015 - Provides for rules for the elaboration, issuance and registration of the Certificates of the Scientific and Technological Initiation Programs of the IFSP

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