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Webinar brings discussion on pharmaceutical input

Transmission takes place on April 8 at 14 pm; follow here

  • Published: Monday, March 29th, 2021, 12:51 AM
  • Last updated on Friday, 09 April 2021, 09:24
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The president of the Brazilian Association of Pharmaceutical Inputs Industry (ABIQUIFI), Norberto Prestes, speaks, on April 9, about pharmaceutical inputs and the opportunities in this sector for Brazil. The discussion will be transmitted by the IFSP channel on Youtube from 14pm. To receive the certificate of participation, sign up here.

The pandemic caused by Covid-19 revealed Brazil's fragility and dependence in a strategic sector: health. The national pharmaceutical industry is extremely dependent on Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (IFA), the main ingredient of a medicine, produced abroad.

Brazil manufactures only 5% of all the inputs needed for the production of its medicines, importing most of China and India, countries responsible for the manufacture of 40% of the inputs used worldwide.

This dependence makes the population and the pharmaceutical industry vulnerable. The speaker Norberto Prestes it will talk about how Brazil has reached this level of dependence on the outside in relation to the manufacture of inputs for its medicines. The president of ABIQUIFI will also assess the opportunities for Brazil in this sector and the relevance of investing in national production of IFAs.

The conversation will be mediated by the teacher Eduardo Mossin.

To receive a reminder on the day of the webinar and the certificate of participation, sign up here.

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