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:: Substitute Teacher Selection ::

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LAW No. 8.112, OF DECEMBER 11, 1990

Section III

Public Tender

Art 11. The competition will consist of tests or tests and titles, which can be carried out in two stages, as provided by the law and the regulations of the respective career plan, subject to the candidate's enrollment to the payment of the amount established in the notice, when indispensable to its costing, and except for the cases of exemption expressly provided for therein. (Wording given by Law No. 9.527, dated 10.12.97) (Regulation)

Art 12. The public tender will be valid for up to 2 (two) years and may be extended only once, for an equal period.

§ 1 The period of validity of the contest and the conditions for its realization will be fixed in a public notice, which will be published in the Federal Official Gazette and in a large circulation daily newspaper.

§ 2 A new competition will not be opened as long as there is a candidate approved in a previous competition with an unexpired period of validity.

Use of Queues

The IFSP discloses to the community the use of the queue for the 2014 and 2015 competitions for teachers and administrative technicians (TAEs), Public Notices 50/2014, 57/2014 and 233/2015 respectively. After defining the positions to be used, unique rows of the state will be elaborated, for each position, with the candidates classified ranked by final grade, in decreasing order. All the classification criteria described in the edicts nº 50/2014 (teachers), nº 57/2014 (TAEs) and nº 233/2015 (teachers) will be respected.

Questions should be directed to the email:  


Candidates for a specific position who are in the single queue can be nominated, as long as an IFSP campus requests it. The formation of the single line does not guarantee the appointment, as the appointments are linked to the need for the IFSP by the professional of that position. The contacted candidate will have the option of accepting to go to a different campus than the one for which he did the contest or to remain in the queue of the campus for which he did the contest.

Announcement - Competitions

List of use - Notice nº 57/2014 - Administrative Technician

List of use - Notice nº 50/2014 - Professor EBTT

Checklist - Notice 233/2015 - Professor EBTT

Official IFSP Calls Page

To follow all the information about the calls for tenders finalized, in progress and opened at the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of São Paulo, as guidelines and appointments, click on the link below, to access the page of IFSP tenders.

Public tender



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