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Reference Center for Distance Education (DED-CEAD) is created at IFSP

  • Published: Friday, 21 December 2018, 12:41
  • Last updated on Tuesday 02 June 2020, 15:38

On December 14, Ordinance No. 4.032 was published, which creates the IFSP Reference Center for Distance Education (DED-CEAD). The management of the Reference Center will be under the responsibility of the Distance Education Directorate of the IFSP Dean of Education.

DED-CEAD aims to foster and support distance education at the IFSP, develop and offer training in educational technologies through teaching, research and extension and produce networked educational resources and will integrate a multidisciplinary team composed of pedagogue, technologist in audiovisual production , visual programmer, IT technicians and technician in educational subjects, and you can also count on professors from the institution that will work in offering distance courses at different levels of education.

The creation of the center was achieved after years of discussions with contributions from the community and the involvement of several civil servants and campuses who acted in a pioneering way in a trajectory of almost 10 years of development and offer of distance education. Thus, the IFSP becomes part of the group of 10 Federal Institutes that have a Reference Center in Distance Education and Educational Technologies.


The first IFSP courses in distance learning started to be offered in the second semester of 2009, through the Open Technical School Program in Brazil (e-Tec Brasil, today called e-Tec Network). At first, technical courses in Administration and Computer Science for the Internet, managed by the Caraguatatuba and São João da Boa Vista Campus, were offered. In 2012, the São Roque Campus started to offer the Public Services course through e-Tec and the IFSP started its participation in the Profuncionário with the offer of technical courses in Didactic Multimedia and School Secretariat (from the São João da Boa Vista and Boituva campuses) respectively).

The offer of courses through e-Tec Brasil and Profuncionário, in a network made up of dozens of hubs distributed throughout the State of São Paulo, boosted the offer of courses on its own effort (without external support) such as the technical course in Aquaculture (Caraguatatuba) and concept 4 in the accreditation for the Higher Education Pedagogical Course for Teachers for Professional Education at Medium Level (Câmpus São Paulo).

Throughout EaD's trajectory, the Institution operated in 19 external classroom centers (in partnership with municipal and state educational institutions) and in 16 classroom centers on IFSP campuses. Of these hubs, six are UniCEUs, with the possibility of expanding the offer to 47 UniCEUs, according to the cooperation agreement established.

EaD is today at all levels of teaching at the IFSP, with the offer of FIC, MOOC and e-Tec Idiomas courses (currently offered in ten campuses), medium-level technical courses, undergraduate courses and even , post-graduate courses, with the first semi-presential master's degree offered through the Post-Graduate Program in Professional and Technological Education (ProfEPT) at Câmpus Sertãozinho and as a Classroom Campus (Câmpus Jundiaí) of the post-graduate course Postgraduate Course the distance in Proeja.

In addition, the number of face-to-face courses with up to 20% of the hours offered in the distance mode has grown significantly, after the accreditation of the IFSP as an institution offering distance education to the MEC, which received concept 4. Today, we have 15 campuses that offer distance learning courses or face-to-face courses with up to 20% of the distance workload at different levels.

This year, in addition to the creation of DED-CEAD, the Institution celebrates its entry into the Open University of Brazil (UAB), with the offer of the EPT Pedagogy course that is part of the Network Teacher Training, instituted in partnership between 12 Federal Institutes . The EPT Pedagogy course had more than 17 thousand enrolled, in its first offer, for 500 places, and is being offered in ten centers, with a demand for 56 centers in total.

Another achievement achieved in the year 2018 was the result of the evaluation of the teaching course in Pedagogical Training of Teachers for High School Professional Education, offered by the Campus São Paulo, which received a grade 4 in the evaluation of recognition of the course.

In 2019, IFSP celebrates 10 years of distance education and will host the V PromovEaD, a national event that brings together public education institutions that work in distance education, organized by UniRede, which will take place together with the V Conept, in the city of Guarulhos, on the 24th to the 26th of September 2019.

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