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Neabi launches document with film suggestions on African, Afro-Brazilian and indigenous culture

  • Published: Tuesday 28 November 2017, 18:05 am
  • Last updated on Wednesday, 29 November 2017, 17h00

The IFSP Center for Afro-Brazilian and Indigenous Studies has just launched Neabi Indica Nº 2. The purpose of the document is to present suggestions for didactic content for practical use in the classroom, addressing ethnic-racial relations, culture and history of blacks and Indians.

The contents of this second edition start from the indication of films that deal directly or transversely with the themes mentioned. Each film indication is accompanied by a suggestion of pedagogical practice developed by members of the Nucleus and by researchers from other institutions invited to collaborate. According to the coordinator of Neabi, Caroline Jango, this guide intends to serve as support for teaching practices within the IFSP and also for teachers who work in other institutions.

Caroline points out that the publication is part of a permanent action by the nucleus. "We intend to release one document or more a year, as we know the need to contribute with references to the teaching pedagogical practice with regard to the promotion of ethnic-racial diversity."  

In 2016, Neabi Indica Nº 1 was launched, with suggestions for books, articles, theses and dissertations on African, Afro-Brazilian and Indigenous History and Culture. 

Vision - Neabi has sought, together with the school community, proposals and paths for the effective insertion of indigenous and Afro-Brazilian people in all spheres of society, spheres from which, according to Caroline, “were and still are excluded due to values discriminatory and sectarian cultural practices and institutional practices ”.

 Check out the document here



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