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IFSP selects supervising teachers for Pibid

Streaming selection takes place until February 15, 2022

  • Published: Tuesday, January 26, 2021, 11h24
  • Last updated on Tuesday, January 26, 2021, 16h17

The IFSP has open enrollment for the selection in a continuous flow of supervising professors from the participating schools participating in the Institutional Project of the Institutional Program for the Teaching Initiation Scholarship (Pibid) of IFSP. Candidates can apply until February 15, 2022.

All the rules of the selection process are available at IFSP / PRE / DGRA No. 037/2021 Notice.

The candidate for the position of supervisor must register electronically, sending the application form, together with all the documentation described in item 6 of the notice, in a single PDF file, for the respective e-mail of the coordinator of the undergraduate / campus area for which the vacancy is intended. The degree, the campus, the number of vacancies in prospecting as well as the e-mail are specified in the table in Annex I of the announcement.

The PDF format file should be named “Name of the candidate for supervisor_name of the school that works”. The list of possible field schools of the Institutional Project of Pibid / IFSP, within the scope of this notice, is available here.

Among the requirements foreseen to apply for the position of supervisor (item 4 of the notice) are: that the candidate has a full degree in the area of ​​the subproject in which he will compete for the scholarship; who is a teacher at the field school and is working in the classroom in the subproject area, even if remotely due to the pandemic, among others.

The scholarship amount for supervising professors is set at R $ 765,00 (seven hundred and sixty-five reais), to be granted directly to the beneficiary, by CAPES, only during the execution of the Project. The duration of the scholarship will be 18 months from the beginning of the program.

About Pibid

The Institutional Teaching Initiation Scholarship Program (Pibid) is a program of the National Policy for Teacher Education of the Ministry of Education (MEC) which aims to provide students of undergraduate courses with their insertion in the public schools of basic education. For the development of institutional teaching initiation projects, the program grants scholarships to undergraduates, teachers of public schools of basic education and teachers of HEIs.

Pibid fulfills the attributions of the Foundation, Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (Capes), of inducing and promoting the initial and continuing training of teaching professionals, respecting the guidelines of the “Plan of Goals All Commitment to Education” and the principles established in the National Policy for the Training of Teachers of Basic Education.


IFSP / PRE / DGRA No. 037/2021 NOTICE - Continuous selection of supervising teachers from the Pibid field schools

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