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IFSP has increased quota and unprecedented grant from CNPq

Increase demonstrates recognition of research developed at IFSP

  • Published: Thursday 27 August 2020, 13:49 am
  • Last updated on Thursday, 27 August 2020, 22h12

The IFSP received unprecedented approval in the notice of the Institutional Program for Scientific Initiation in Affirmative Actions (PIBIC-Af) of the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development - CNPq, with an increase in the total number of scholarships in 2020.

After the submission of the necessary documentation for participation in the selection notices of institutions interested in offering the PIBITI, PIBIC, PIBIC-EM (destined for high school) and PIBIC-Af programs, the IFSP was approved in all edicts. 

The approval represents an increase from 52 to 74 CNPq grants, in total, as shown in the table below. 

CNPq Scholarships


















According to Research Director of the Dean of Research and Graduate Studies, Karina Maretti Strangueto, the approval in the public notices demonstrates the recognition of CNPq in relation to the actions carried out by the IFSP. “It is the first time that we are contemplated in the public notice PIBIC-Af, which shows that, in addition to recognizing, CNPq considers relevant the work related to affirmative actions at the Institution. ” 

The largest increase in scholarships was from high school, from 7 to 31. “Even at a time when funds are taken from research in the country, we had an increase in the number of scholarships at the IFSP, which represents the recognition of the research that we have developed ”, celebrates Karina. 

This result is the result of the efforts of researchers and scholarship holders, as well as of the institutional development of Research at IFSP, since CNPq considers information about student body, faculty, number of research groups and institutional Scientific Initiation activities, as well as quality of the works presented at scientific events, to assign a grade and classify the institutions that will receive the scholarships.

In addition to the unprecedented PIBIC-Af scholarship, IFSP's Dean of Research and Graduate Studies had already prepared the offer of seven PIBIFSP-Af scholarships for 2020-2021, as well as supplementing the budget of PIBIFSP scholarships by R $ 239.399,96. of campuses, in March and June 2020, which represents about 35 9-month grants and another 48 6-month grants.

Karina Strangueto recalls that, in addition to complementing the scholarships offered to IFSP students, part of the researchers goes directly to development institutions, such as Fapesp (São Paulo State Research Support Foundation), to demand resources.

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