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IFSP selects tutors for the Moodle for Educators course

Interested parties have until August 5 to register and apply for one of the vacancies

  • Published: Thursday, 30 July 2020, 11h04

 IFSP launched the notice nº 8/2020, which deals with the selection process of tutors for the training course “Moodle for educators - basic aspects”. The course will be offered to IFSP servers free of charge, starting in August, completely online. check out the rectification of the public notice which extends the selection deadlines. 

Those interested have until August 5 to register. To register as a tutor, the server must log in to the virtual environment https://eadcampus.spo.ifsp.edu.br with the same username and password as SUAP (Academic System) (figure 1), and then access the indicated address: https://eadcampus.spo.ifsp.edu.br/course/view.php?id=3030

The code for self-registration will be: registration (no space between characters, in lower case, without cedilla and without accent). The complete schedule and other information are available in the notice.

Registrations are also open for the server training course in “Moodle for Educators - basic aspects”. know more here.

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