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Share Magazine: Open selection of articles and experience reports

Students and public servants of public institutions of Higher Education have until October 15 to submit papers

  • Published: Monday, May 04th, 2020, 18:01 pm
  • Last updated on Monday, 04 May 2020, at 18:16

Registrations are open for submission of articles and reports of experiences for publication in Revista Share. The periodical will bring together texts on the Extension actions carried out between 2019 and 2020. The publication forecast is February 2021.

Texts can have up to four authors, must contain between 10 and 35 characters and be submitted in full by October 15, 2020, exclusively through the online system OJS. They can submit articles and reports on experiences of students, teachers and administrative technicians from public institutions of Higher Education, whose curriculum is updated in the Lattes Platform, who are registered in the OJS Electronic Platform and who have participated in extension projects or programs, the indication of which must appear in the curriculum registered in the Lattes Platform.

Papers must be submitted in accordance with the submission rules described in the Notice No. 168/2020. Articles must be original and unpublished. The magazine's physical publication is subject to the budget availability of the PRSP of the IFSP. Initially, the magazines will be published online.

About the Magazine Share - The publication is produced and organized by the Dean of Extension of the Federal Institute of São Paulo and aims to socialize the extension experiences developed at IFSP and other Public Higher Education Institutions.

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