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Campus Pirituba offers specialization in Humanities

Registration runs from March 30 to April 24

  • Published: Monday, March 09th, 2020, 08:54 AM

Registration from the selection process for the Specialization in Humanities - Education, Politics and Society of the Campus Pirituba will be open from March 30 to April 24.

Higher education diplomas recognized by the MEC, in any training area, can apply for one of the 40 vacancies.

The course will be offered in the evening, from 18:50 pm to 22:20 pm, and classes will be distributed from Monday to Thursday. The start of classes is scheduled for the month of July.

The Specialization in Humanities - Education, Politics and Society has a multidisciplinary curriculum, involving diverse domains of the large area of ​​the humanities. This course aims at a comprehensive formation, supported by the contemporary academic debate, offering updates on fundamental concepts and other knowledge of the area, consequently allowing the expansion of the cultural capital of graduate students.





30/03  a  24/04/2020

Disclosure of accepted registrations


Submission of appeals on rejected applications

05/05  a  07/05/2020

Result of the analysis of appeals on rejected applications


Conducting the written evaluation (test)


Dissemination of the result of the written evaluation


Presentation of resources

05, 08 and 09/06/2020

Result of the evaluation of resources and final result



22/06  a  26/06/2020

Start of classes


For more information visit the notice nº 106/20.

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