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JIF 2020: Games will be held in November in Rio Preto

For the first time the IFSP will host the Games of the Federal Institutes

  • Published: Wednesday, 04 December 2019, 12h51

The date of the National JIF 2020, which will be hosted by the IFSP, was defined this Wednesday morning (4), during a Conif meeting. The competitions will take place from November 17th to 21st.

The city that will host the Games has also been chosen: São José do Rio Preto. On the 26th of November, the municipality received a technical visit from the Organizing Committee of the JIF to get to know the local sports spaces and think about how the disputes of the 11 modalities will be distributed. The demands for holding the event were also discussed on the occasion.

Among the factors that contributed to the choice of Rio Preto as host of the Games are the good sports and hotel infrastructure in the city. Another point considered was the availability of road networks. In addition to having an airport, the municipality is located practically in the center of Brazil, which facilitates the access of the delegations, which mostly arrive by bus. As it is not a capital, local circulation is also easier.

Part of the Organizing Committee, the IFSP dean of Administration, Silmário dos Santos, highlighted that the support of the municipal administration of Rio Preto was decisive for the choice of the municipality as host. Silmário was also keen to reinforce that the choice of the Institute as the headquarters is the result of the efforts of the current management to build strong policies for the insertion of students into sports practices.

A new meeting with the Commission is due to take place in March 2020. Subcommittees will also soon be formed to assist in organizing the Games.

from left to right, seated: Rector Virgílio Augusto Sales Araripe (IFCE), profa. Solange Aparecida Alves (IFSP), Secretary Cléa Marcia Melara Bernardelli, profa. Vanessa Mota Andrade. standing: Mr. Oswaldo Pinto Ramiro Junior, Pro-Rector Silmário Batista dos Santos (IFSP), Prof. Thiago Terra Borges (IFSUL), Prof. Iuri Ribeiro (IFGoiano), Prof Paulo Jassin Gutierrez (IFSUL), Mr. Rogerio Conti Guagliard, Mr. Carlos Alberto de Moraes, Dean Jerônimo Rodrigues da Silva (IFG), Mr. Robinson Somões Gavassi
From left to right, seated: Rector Virgílio Augusto Sales Araripe (IFCE), profaª. Solange Aparecida Alves (IFSP), secretary Cléa Marcia Melara Bernardelli, prof. Vanessa Mota Andrade (IFSP). Standing: Oswaldo Pinto Ramiro Junior, pro-Rector Silmário Batista dos Santos (IFSP), prof. Thiago Terra Borges (IFSUL), prof. Iuri Ribeiro (IFGoiano), prof. Paulo Jassin Gutierrez (IFSUL), Rogerio Conti Guagliard, Carlos Alberto de Moraes, Dean Jerônimo Rodrigues da Silva (IFG), Robinson Somões Gavassi
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