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Sisu 2021: IFSP performs registrations between April 21st and 26th

See the call for registration here; manifestation for interest on the waiting list continues until April 23

Consup Elections (Superior Council): preliminary result released

Period for filing appeals is April 22; final result will be announced on the 27th

IFSP promotes I Seminar Reference Curriculum for EJA Modality

Online event will be held on April 23, access here

Amplifies debate on Financial Education on April 22

"The importance of financial education" is the theme of the next live, Thursday, April 22; follow here




Write it down!

Through Anote Aí #Quarentena you can find out about the online activities of the IFSP campuses spread throughout the state of São Paulo during the period of social isolation.

What does my campus have?

The program “What does my campus have?” was designed with the purpose of making short videos available, produced by the IFSP academic community.

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IFSP Radar

Radar brings information of interest to the IFSP community in general. There is no determined periodicity or subject. 

Featured Videos

My campus has: Federal Slam

Conceived at the São Miguel Campus, the "Slam da Federal" Extension project consists of a spoken poetry championship, where the participating poets are students of basic education in public or private educational institutions. Learn more: http://bit.do/fvsVJ

My Campus Has: Cursinho Enem

São João da Boa Vista Campus Project promotes Enem classes and lectures for students at IFSP and public schools in the region. Learn more: http://bit.do/fvsWx

My campus has: Live Reading

Câmpus São Carlos Project encourages students to read and write and also promotes activities that involve the external community. Learn more: http://bit.do/fvsW6

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