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Published: Monday, 21 October 2013, 16h03 | Last updated on Thursday, 22 October 2020, 19h04

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IFSP does not have its own support foundation. For a support foundation to be able to act in partnership with the IFSP, it is necessary:

  • Be approved by the IFSP Superior Council;
  • To have accreditation with the Technical Support Group (GAT), MCTI / MEC committee, as a foundation to support IFSP.


Currently, three foundations operate in partnership with the IFSP:

  • FUNARBE - Arthur Bernardes Foundation (http://www.funarbe.org.br/), linked to the Federal University of Viçosa;
  • FACTO - Science and Technology Development Support Foundation (http://facto.org.br/), linked to the Federal Institute of Espírito Santo;
  • FAI-UFSCar - Institutional Support Foundation for Scientific and Technological Development (http://www.fai.ufscar.br/), linked to the Federal University of São Carlos.


Ministerial decrees - authorization of FAPs to act with the IFSP:


The resolutions presented below regulate the execution of projects involving the IFSP with support from foundations:



The regulation of the IFSP's relations with the FAP is governed by Resolution No. 10/2018. It establishes that the IFSP may enter into contracts, covenants, agreements or adjustments with registered and accredited support foundations for the purpose of supporting research, teaching and extension projects and institutional, scientific and technological development and, primarily, the development of innovation and scientific and technological research, creating more favorable conditions for the IFSP to establish relations with the external environment.



Ordinance No. 1035/2019 establishes the criteria for selecting the Support Foundation that will act on the project. The project coordinator, when submitting the documentation in accordance with the administrative procedures in force, must indicate the Foundation according to the criteria of this ordinance. Below is the link to access the document:

pdf Ordinance No. 1035/2019 - Criteria for choosing a Support Foundation 



According to art. 6 of Law 9.958 / 94, it is necessary for the support foundation to pay a refund amount for the use of goods and services provided by the IFSP in the execution of the project.

In cases where the Institutional Reimbursement Amount (VRI) is limited by Notice that contains a clause for adherence or by regulation by Regulatory Agencies, the VRI may be reduced up to the limit established, and the respective Notice or regulation must be attached to the project.

The resolutions that regulate the Institutional Reimbursement Amount are No. 54/2016 (amended by res. 43/2020) and No. 127/2016 (amended by res. 44/2020).

Specifically in the case of Technological Service Provision projects, the form of reimbursement is established by the 24 / 2018 resolution.



According to Resolution nº 10/2018, for the execution of the final control and management of the projects, the IFSP Superior Council must appoint the Committee for Monitoring Activities with Support from Foundations, composed of civil servants, with mandates of 02 (two) years, of the board. effective and from different areas.



The regulation of IFSP scholarships is established by the Resolution 65 of September 03, 2019, observing the specific conditions for scholarships in projects with a Support Foundation established in Articles 18 to 23 of Resolution No. 10/2018.



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