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Absence concessions

Posted: Tuesday, December 24th, 2013, 20:20 pm | Last updated on Friday, 23 March 2018, 11:28

:: Absence concessions ::


Responsible sector: Personnel Administration Directorate

General information

Paid absence from the server:
a) for blood donation: 1 day;
b) for registration as a voter: 2 days;
c) for marriage: 8 consecutive days from the date of the marriage;
d) for the death of a family member: 8 consecutive days from the date of death.

Justified absence will only be considered when it comes to the death of a spouse, partner, parents, stepmother or stepfather, children, stepchildren, a minor under custody or guardianship and siblings. The aforementioned absences are considered to be an effective exercise for the federal public servant, with no need for time compensation.


The server must present the request to the immediate superior accompanied by the required supporting documentation, which must be forwarded to the Personnel Management Directorate (DGP). The immediate manager is responsible for checking the documentation required at the time of the concession.


  • Blood donation: declaration or certificate proving the donation;
  • Enlistment as a voter: official receipt from the Regional Electoral Court;
  • Marriage: marriage certificate;
  • Death of a family member: death certificate.

Legal substantiation

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