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Responsible sector: Personnel Payment Coordination

General information

A server working between 22 pm on one day and 5 am on the following day is entitled to receive an additional 25% over the daytime hourly rate. The night time is computed as 52 minutes and 30 seconds (Art. 75 of Law No. 8.112 / 90). Since the night hours worked are also extraordinary, the percentage of 25% will be applied to the value of the day hours plus 50% (Art. 75, sole paragraph of Law No. 8.112 / 90). The nightly premium is not included in the remuneration or income (Art. 49, Paragraph 2 of Law No. 8.112 / 90). The perception of the nightly surcharge is not allowed when the server is away.


The immediate supervisor must forward to the Personnel Management Directorate (DGP) the formal request for each month, stating the name of the server, the Siape registration number and the number of minutes of night work on each date, accompanied by the frequency sheet.

The immediate supervisor must keep on file the control document for the service provided at night. For payment of said additional, the formal request must be sent to the Payroll Administration / DGP Coordination by the fifth business day of each month.

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