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The Internal Commission for Supervision of the Career Plan for Technical-Administrative Positions in Education (CIS) was created by Law 11.091 of January 12, 2005, the same one that structures the Career Plan for Technical-Administrative Positions (PCCTAE) ), instituted by Decrees No. 2.519 (15/07/2005) and No. 2.562 (21/072005/XNUMX).

Cis is linked to the MEC and has the purpose of supervising, advising and monitoring the formulation and execution of the IFSP technical-administrative personnel policies, in addition to assisting the personnel area, as well as the civil servants, regarding the career plan and inspecting and evaluate its implementation.

Directly elected by the administrative technicians of the Federal Institute of São Paulo, the six representatives of the Institution have a three-year term.

Ordinance No. 3.896 of October 17, 2019 - Approves the CIS Regulations  new

Resolution No. 67/2014

Contact: email  and the phone: (11) 3775.4634

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