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:: Reduced working hours with proportional remuneration ::


Responsible sector: Legislation and Norms Coordination

General information

The administrative technical servant of the direct, autonomous and foundational public administration, who occupies an effective position exclusively, is entitled to request a reduction in the working day from eight hours a day and forty hours a week to six or four hours a day and thirty or twenty hours a week, respectively, with proportional remuneration, calculated on the total remuneration.

Subject to management's interest, reduced hours with proportional remuneration may be granted at the discretion of the maximum authority of the IFSP, with no delegation of competence. The reduced working hours may be reversed in full, at any time, by letter or at the request of the server, according to the Management's convenience and opportunity. The concession of reduced working hours with proportional remuneration to the employee is prohibited, subject to the duration of work established in specific laws.

In the event that the basic salary of the effective position of the civil servant considered the reduced day, results in an amount lower than the minimum wage, the reduction of the day cannot be granted (Art. 26, sole paragraph of Normative Ordinance SRH nº 07/99).

The food allowance to be granted to the server whose workday is less than thirty hours a week will correspond to fifty percent of the amount due in a workday of forty hours a week (Art. 28, § 2 of Normative Ordinance SRH nº 07/99) .

The Christmas bonus for a civil servant who, during the calendar year, has been subjected to more than one working day will be paid based on the remuneration to which he / she is entitled in December, per month of exercise in the respective year, considered the fraction equal or more than fifteen days as a full month (Art. 28, § 3 of Normative Ordinance SRH nº 07/99).

Legal substantiation

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