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Digital IFSP: Digital processing of documents and processes will bring savings, agility and security

IFSP is preparing for an administrative and technological modernization, with the future implantation of the Electronic Documents and Processes modules in the Unified Public Administration System, the SUAP (Academic System), in compliance with Decree No. 8.539 / 2015, which provides for the use of electronic means to carry out administrative processes, within the scope of the agencies, entities and entities of the direct, autarchic and foundational federal public administration.

To this end, the IFSP Digital Project Management Nucleus (NGPID) was created, through Ordinance No. 2.059 / 2017, which, in conjunction with a multidisciplinary team involving the Office, Pro-Rectories, the Office of Processes, the Permanent System Commission Integrated Administration (CPSIA) and the Permanent Document Evaluation Commission (Copad) will develop a work plan and manage the various actions of the project, including alignment with senior management, internal communications, business process modeling, capacity building. servers, guidance on the classification and organization of documents and support for sustainability actions. 

The main change planned for November / 2017 will be the implementation of the module called Electronic Process, whose documents will be processed digitally, replacing the current Protocol module for opening administrative processes.

Giuseppe D'Agostino, president of NGPID, Antonio A. Palladino and Suzana MIChardulo, general coordinators of the nucleus, point out that in the Electronic Documents module, the standardization of models of various documents such as memos, circulars, requisitions, among others, will gradually be carried out. As for the validation, it will take place through a digital signature within the system. Manuals, tutorials and training schedules will be made available through an IFSP Digital page, in addition to all information about the project. 

“It is a change in culture, a break in the paradigm. That old image of the civil servant stamping papers is going to change. In a few years, we will have a much more modern, more agile and transparent IFSP ”, analyze Giuseppe and Paladino. “This technology to be made available will help us to rethink our processes, to save resources in order to reach this level of excellence that we all aspire to.”

See all documents:

Ordinance No. 2.059 / 2017 - designates servers for the IFSP Digital Management Nucleus.

Decree No. 8.539 / 2015 - provides for the use of electronic means by federal agencies.


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