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The Institutional Development Plan (PDI) is a document that defines the Institution's mission and strategies to achieve the goals and objectives, covering a period of five years. The elaboration of the Pedagogical Political Project and its Didactic-Pedagogical Organization is part of the PDI.


The new PDI had its elaboration methodology approved by Consup (Superior Council) and had the principle of participatory planning. For that, the elaboration of the PDI was the responsibility of basically four types of commissions: Central, Local, Systematization and Thematic.

Thematic and Local Commissions made possible spaces for dialogue with the community, internal and external, through Institutional Development Forums on each campus, Institutional Development Conference, quantitative and qualitative research, Public Hearings, among others. The documents generated in all stages of preparation of the PDI 2019-2023 can be found in the "Documents" tab

On March 12, 2019, the IFSP Superior Council approved the IFSP Institutional Development Plan for the period from 2019 to 2023. The 2019-2023 PDI, the Consup Resolution (Superior Council) 01/2019, are available on the links below. approves the PDI, and the IFSP Course and Vacancy Spreadsheet.

Central Commission
Responsible for validating the initiatives of the other commissions, supervising the preparation of the PDI and approving the proposed definitions that will go to the Consup (Superior Council).

  • Composition:  Pro-rectors; two student representatives; an administrative technician; a teacher; a campus general director; a representative of civil society, a representative of the productive sector / development agency and the executive secretary.

Local Commission
Responsible for disseminating and making activities feasible, publishing information and documents, as well as promoting events and construction of proposals demanded from Thematic, Systematization or Central Commissions. 

  • Composition: five members: one representative of the three segments (student, teacher and administrative technician) and two appointed by the campus management (preferably those who understand the socio-pedagogical and budgetary aspects) *

* The composition of the Local Commission of Campus Sertãozinho and Cubatão will have 2 times the number of representatives, while the Local Campus São Paulo will have 3 times more.

Systematization Committee
Responsible for the overall articulation of the work, being responsible for coordinating, guiding, monitoring and monitoring the work of the Thematic and Local Commissions, as well as supervising the development of the actions, events and stages of the PDI elaboration process. It must also support the Central Commission, keep PDI records and files organized and updated, disseminate documents, invitations, notices, activities and events on the PDI page on the Institution's website and act in the systematization of information and consolidation of the PDI.

Thematic Commissions:

Responsible for promoting, supporting, articulating and promoting events that allow reflection and discussion of the themes of the PDI, as well as proposing contents for the preparation of the partial minutes of the chapters. These commissions can demand from local commissions: information, discussions and proposals, aiming to analyze, debate and collect data and proposals for the elaboration of specific documents for each chapter or theme. They are preferably made up of specialists in the field and managers or representatives of the work units (Pro-rectories / Boards) related to the theme.

I Institutional Development Seminar

 Institutional Development Conference 


 Doubts, information, suggestions or other referrals: 

Telephone (16) 98112-0036.


E-mail´s of the PDI Elaboration Commissions 2019-2023 - Download


PDI 2014-2018 / Final Version - Download 

Resolution no. 162/2017 - Approves the revision of the PDI 2014/2018

The Permanent Commission for the Institutional Development Plan 2014-2018, created through Ordinance No. 5.540, of October 16, 2014, has the following premises:

  • Monitor the process of implementing the Institutional Development Plan for the IFSP in the four-year period 2014/2018, on campus and in the rectory;
  • Guide and monitor actions, events and general stages of this PDI;
  • Analyze the current process, returning results that guide changes that may be necessary during the process.

President: Professor João Roberto Moro
Vice presidency: Simone Maria Magalhães - PRX
Secretary: Rafael Inácio Sousa Martins

Documents and requests for CPPDI care can also be addressed through the Office of the Rector.

Composition of the Permanent PDI Commission (Type pdf, size 90,3KB)


Documents related to the 2014-2018 PDI:


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