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Compliance with Item III of Article 8 of Normative Instruction TCU No. 84, of April 22, 2020:

III - the management report, which must be presented in the form of an integrated report of the UPC management, according to guidelines contained in a specific TCU act.

The Management Report is one of the assumptions of the accountability process to control bodies, such as the Federal Audit Court (TCU), in addition to allowing society to check how the institution is meeting its demands, that is, generating value public.

2020 Management Report

  1. IFSP Management Indicators under the terms of Judgment 2.267 / 2005 / TCU-Plenary

2019 Management Report¹ - Complementary Information - 2019

  1. Correction in the values ​​of 2019, in "Daily rates in the country" and "Daily rates abroad", in the table "Details of personnel expenses (active, inactive and pensioner and the evolution of the last 3 years)" that starts on page 64 and ends at page 65, as stated in the Transparency Portal.

2018 Management Report - Complementary Information - 2018

2017 Management Report

2016 Management Report

2015 Management Report

2014 Management Report

2013 Management Report

2012 Management Report

2011 Management Report

2010 Management Report

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