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What does my campus have?

Published: Tuesday, 26 September 2017, 09h16 | Last updated on Monday, March 22, 2021, 15h22

The program “What does my campus have?” was designed with the purpose of making short videos available, produced by the IFSP academic community.

In them, activities, programs, projects and research developed on campus are presented. The program is a way of introducing the IFSP in first person and the possibilities that the institution offers to students and the community. Read below for instructions on how to upload your video.

Follow here editions and see the reports below:

Teletandem Brasil| T04E03

Ecotourism and Astronomical Trail in Brasital | T04E02

Living Reading| T04E01

Laletec| T03E11

Enem Cursinho| T03E10

Federal Islam | T03E09

IF (girls) {in the exact}| T03E08

Innovative scenarios in the interior design course | T03E07

IFSP Choir| T03E06

Technology Course in Gastronomy| T03E05

School / Community Partnership| T03E04

Augmented reality sandbox| T03E03

Maker Space | T03E02

Automated Irrigation System | T03E01

WASH - Software and Hardware Aficionados Workshop | T02E09

Vexillology Club | T02E08

Industry Connection | T02E07

SoMa Project | T02E06

Project Hotel | T02E05

Cinedebate and scientific and cultural education activities | T02E04

Beco Literature and Language | T02E03

Brazilian culture for Spanish-speaking students | T02E02

Home baking course at the Gastronomy laboratory | T02E01

Applied Control Laboratory (LCA)  | T01E07

Cultural Contest of Micro Points  | T01E06

Preparation of the Jacareí cycle plan | T01E05

Social Irrigation Technology | T01E04

Robotics Group | T01E03

Recyclable bags in Boituva  | T01E02

Federal Radio and TV on Air | T01E01


 How to send a video?

Students interested in contributing to the program can submit their own videos lasting a maximum of one and a half minutes, which must be recorded with a camcorder or cell phone camera. When using the cell phone, recording should be done with the device horizontally, using the rear or front camera (selfie mode). Videos recorded with vertical framing cannot be considered.
The people who will present the project must be very close to the camera, so that they are audible. Look for more reserved places, without the interference of external sounds (wind, event sound, ambient noise). Light the scene well, record in favor of the light. Do not use digital zoom, as it affects the quality of the video.

After recording the video, upload the raw material (without the insertion of subtitles, soundtrack and overlapping images) and files (photos or other information) related to the project in the cloud and send the link with the project information, full name , course and campus for email .

To upload the video, you can choose the storage of your preference. We suggest, as a suggestion, SendSpace (https://www.sendspace.com), Dropbox (https://www.dropbox.com/pt_BR/) and Google Drive (https://drive.google.com) .

Remember that the material must be sent without editing.

In case of doubt, contact the Communication Department by e-mail .

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