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Permanent Teaching Staff Committee - S6

Last updated on Friday, 17 July 2020, 11h16

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CPPD subcommittees:
Titling remuneration Alteration of the Work Regime Progression and Promotion Professor Teacher Removal Recognition of Knowledge and Skills


 :: Recognition of Knowledge and Skills - CSR ::


Requirements and Process Flow:

EBTT Teaching Career Guide - see slides 09 and 10


Important: For the RSC request, it is necessary to follow the instructions of the Resolution No. 131/2014 with some changes made by updates de systems by IT. In summary, the processs are:
1 - Opening do process No. SUAP (Academic System) (SUAP (Academic System) - Menu - Documents / Processes - Electronic Processes - Processes - Add Electronic Process)
 * In "Interested" include the requesting teacher
 * In "Subject" include "Recognition of Knowledge and Skills - Level ..."
 * In "Type of Process" include Personnel: Recognition of Knowledge and Competencies - CSR
 * Level of public access
3 - Complete register after receiving the password
4 - Go up dodocuments in the cloud, No. module SUAP (Academic System). (request link to )
5 - Delivery of dodocumentation at CGP.
6 - Fill in the "Form de Solicitation de CSR":
NOTE: The module CSR-SUAP (Academic System) ais still in phase de tests/ deployment, there are functions that need to be fixed.
We appreciate your attention.


Monitoring of CSR Processes

Confirmed newsstands

Worksheet for monitoring CSR processes 


Documents and Standards for CSR:

Resolution no. 131/2014, of November 04, 2014 (PDF type, size 3.94 MB): Referendum and amend the Resolution no. 130/2014 , of October 20, 2014, which provides for the evaluation and flow of procedures for granting the Recognition of Knowledge and Competencies (CSR), to teachers belonging to the Basic, Technical and Technological Teaching Career (EBTT) of the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of São Paulo.

Annexes I to IV - Resolution No. 131, of November 4, 2014

RSC Simulator - Resolution No. 131, of November 4, 2014

Flow of Procedures - Communiqué 01, of April 7, 2015


Request form

CSR Request Form

RSC Request Form - Retirees Prior to 01/03/2013 



SiMEC Manual - Registration

SIGA Manual - Opening Process

Manual SUAP (Academic System) - Uploading Files to the Cloud

CSR Guidance Manual - Questions and Answers (version 25/09)

CSR Guidance Manual - Questions and Answers (short version - 25/09)


Information / doubts:

- Related to the flow and progress of processes, forward e-mail to  

- In connection with filling out the scoring forms, seek the responsible supervisor of your camps (see Ordinance no. 4.937 / 2014).

Opinion of the CSR Commission IV


Announcements and News:

CPPD News and Notices


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