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Permanent Teaching Staff Committee

Last updated on Friday, 17 July 2020, 11h16

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CPPD subcommittees:
Titling remuneration Alteration of the Work Regime Progression and Promotion Professor Teacher Removal Recognition of Knowledge and Skills


:: Permanent Commission for Teaching Staff - CPPD ::
(11): 3775-4633
Living room:
Rectory Hall (at the end of the ramp - Room 298)


* From January 2020 onwards, all processes of CSR, RT, Progression, Full Professor and Change of Work Regime must be sent via SUAP (Academic System) for CDP-DGP and no longer for CPPD *


President of the CPPD:

Ademar Bernardes Pereira Junior - São João da Boa Vista

Holders - Biennium 2018-2020

Douglas Dias Lieira - Catanduva

Ester Kolling Rodrigues - Pirituba

Fulvio Bianco Prevot - São Paulo

Luciano André Carvalho Reis - Cubatão

Reinaldo Batista Leite - Salto 

Welington Ricardo Coelho - Catanduva


Ordinance No. 786 of March 6, 2020 (PDF type, size 362 kB)


CPPD Regulation:

Ordinance No. 3.883 / 2019, of October 16, 2019 (PDF type, size 1.2 MB)



Announcements and News:

CPPD News and Notices


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