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Permanent Teaching Staff Committee - S4

Last updated on Friday, 17 July 2020, 11h16

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CPPD subcommittees:
Titling remuneration Alteration of the Work Regime Progression and Promotion Professor Teacher Removal Recognition of Knowledge and Skills


:: Access to the Full Professor Class of Career ::

Requirements and Process Flow:

Comply with the minimum interstice of 24 months in the last level of the DIV class (EBTT Professor career at IFSP)

EBTT Teaching Career Guide - see slides 21 and 22

NB: After the creation of the electronic process in the SUAP (Academic System), send an email to informing the process number 


Guidelines for promotion to the IFSP EBTT Teaching Career Holder Class:

Resolution No. 17/2015, of March 31, 2015 (PDF type, size 1.71 MB)


Editable Attachments to Resolution No. 17/2015:

CPPD News and Notices 


Memorial Production Suggestion:

CPPD News and Notices 


List of Processes for Full Professor - biennium 2018-2020: 

CPPD News and Notices 


Announcements and News:

CPPD News and Notices


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