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30h Commission - ADM

Published: Thursday 19 April 2018, 10:39 pm | Last updated on Friday, 22 November 2019, 14h38

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The Commission that studies the flexibility of the working hours of the IFSP technical-administrative staff clarifies doubts and discloses normative guidance to be adopted in the implementation of the flexible working hours through the documents below:

Ordinance 4292/2019 - Readjust the standard and flexible Workplace Regulation of Technical-administrative Servers in Education of the IFSP.

Communiqué 06/2018 - Central Commission 30h - Provisional

Communiqué 01/2013 CISTA / Commission 30h

Normative Guidance

Annex I - Normative Guidance

Annex II - Normative Guidance

Annex III - Normative Guidance

Official Letter 58 - Sinasefe - Cista

Questions and Answers - 30 hours

Elections 2018

Electoral Code 

Communiqué 02, of November 9, 2018 - change in the electoral calendar

Communiqué 03/2018 - accepted applications

Communiqué 04/2018 - Rectification of approved applications

Communiqué 05/2018 - Preliminary Result


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