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Former IFSP student: register your data in the alumni database

The Institute wants to know the professional path, subsidize actions to improve teaching and offer job opportunities to graduates

  • Published: Wednesday, 10 July 2019, 09h35

The IFSP, through the Dean of Extension (PRX), invites all former students of the Institution to register with the tools available to graduates. Our commitment to the student does not end when he graduates. Our goal is to learn about the professional path of former students, support actions to improve the teaching offered by IFSP and offer job opportunities to graduates.

Currently, the IFSP has two tools available to its alumni. Are they:

Research with alumni

Through an anonymous electronic questionnaire, the former student fills in information about his training at IFSP and how it contributed to his professional career. In addition to assessing the professional path of the graduate, the research allows the IFSP to promote actions to improve the education offered in its campuses. The questionnaire does not ask for any identification. Fill out the questionnaire, it's quick and easy. Access here.

The form has been online since 2015, has approximately 10 records and more than 850 complete responses.


Come visit the IFSP

In order to remember the passage of the ex-students through the IFSP, to meet friends and teachers and to update themselves about the activities developed in the campus where they studied, the Federal Institute of São Paulo welcomes its alumni. Contact the campus where you studied to schedule a visit or even to reserve a space to have a fellowship with your colleagues from the time of IF.

If you want to share your academic and professional experiences with current IFSP students or show the importance of your career at IF, it will be an honor to enjoy your company. A former student, the IFSP has its doors and arms open to welcome you!

Graduates Monitoring Policy

The above actions were created and / or improved by the Commission responsible for the Elaboration of the Policy for Accompanying Graduates under the IFSP, created through Ordinance No. 2589/2018, to meet the commitments made in the Institutional Development Plan (PDI) 2014- 2018. The result of the group's work is the IFSP Alumni Monitoring Program, available at PDI 2019/2023.

According to the document, the Institution's commitment to the student does not end when he graduates. The objective of the professional training offered by the IFSP is not to train a professional for the labor market, but to train citizens for the world of work, through a critical and reflective education, considering the solidarity economy and entrepreneurship.

The constant changes in the world of work require that educational institutions continually adjust the pedagogical projects of the courses, especially regarding the profile of the graduate. In this way, no one better than the graduate to assess whether his training at IFSP is or is not adequate to the real needs and requirements of the world of work. The accompanying tools also allow former students to return to the IFSP to participate in continuing education programs, remembering that the IFSP offers from short courses (Initial and Continuing Education) to master's courses, through technical, higher and specialization.

Participate in our tools for graduates, follow the IFSP website and social networks! #IFSP #orgulhodeserIFSP #sejaalunoIF

Find out more about the IFSP Graduate Program. Access the 2019/2023 PDI here (pages 266/269)

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