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Flexible working day: keep up with the latest information

IFSP informs about flexible working hours for technical and administrative employees.

  • Published: Monday 03 June 2019, 12h04
  • Last updated on Monday, 24 June 2019, 08h30

The Rectorate discloses information on the process in progress at the Federal Audit Court (TCU), regarding the implementation of flexible working hours for technical and administrative employees.

On April 22, through Official Letter 0155/2019-TCU / SecexEducação (Process TC 019.546 / 2014-9), the aforementioned Control Body requested information on the implementation of the flexible working hours at the Institution.

In response, through Official Letter 23/2019-GAB-RET / IFSP, the IFSP reported, among other issues, the schedule of activities for the completion of the study work and for the publication of the new Ordinance, with adjustments to the requirements of the agencies of control, proposed by the Central Commission of the 30 hours and by the Rectory, as below:

  • In the first half of June, the Central Commission will adapt the proposed ordinance to the notes made by the IFSP management.
  • June 15: Presentation of the Draft Ordinance for Flexibility for the whole community and opening of deadline for suggestions for changes.
  • July 31: end of the period for submission of proposals by the community. The one and a half month deadline for submitting modification proposals is due to the fact that IFSP currently has 36 campuses across the state and 2.031 administrative technicians.
  • From July 31 to August 30: analysis by the Central Commission of 30 Hours of the proposals presented by the community in relation to the requirements of the control bodies.
  • September 02: presentation of the results of the analysis of the suggestions to the community and start of the deadline for the community to request reconsideration, if necessary.
  • September 23: delivery of suggestions accepted and inserted in the draft of the new ordinance.
  • From September 23 to October 28: analysis of the draft of the new ordinance by the Attorney General, by the Personnel Management Coordination and by the General Directorates.
  • October 28: presentation of the new ordinance by the Rectory, indicating which proposals from the community could be incorporated or not in the draft.
  • November 01: signature by the rector of the new ordinance to adjust the flexible working hours.

By the end of November, the IFSP should adapt all its sectors, according to the new ordinance, in compliance with the requirements contained in Decree No. 1.590 / 95 and the understandings of the control bodies.

The Office of the Dean makes available the aforementioned letters for the knowledge of the entire community, and the Official Letter 23/2019 of the IFSP presents a retrospective of the activities carried out at the institution.

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