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Enem IFSP Vestibular: consult the remaining vacancies in your campus of interest

From now on, candidates must accompany any remaining vacancies directly in the campus website where you want to study. 

  • Published: Thursday, 27 June 2019, 15h06

The IFSP discloses the Final classification and 1st Call for Registration of Vestibular Enem IFSP - 2nd semester of 2019. Also available for consultation is the Result of Resources filed against confirmed registrations. 

All invited candidates will be able to register from July 15th. 


The Federal Institute of São Paulo released the preliminary list of applicants for the Vestibular Enem 2019. In the list that can be accessed here, there is the preliminary classification of candidates. According to item 6.3 of the Notice 323/2019, candidates whose enrollment in Enem was not found by crossing with the informed CPF, who scored zero (0,00) in the essay or were eliminated in any of the tests in the chosen Enem edition, had their enrollment automatically
If the candidate with deferred registration identifies any inaccuracies in the processing of the information, he may file an appeal against the preliminary classification, on July 02nd and 03rd, through the electronic address http://ead3.ifsp.edu.br/selecao/recurso/ , according to the step by step described on the first page of the document.

From June 3 to 23, registrations were made for the IFSP Vestibular Enem, for admission to the institution's higher education courses in the 2nd semester of 2019. There are 920 places distributed among the campuses Bragança Paulista, Campinas, Campos do Jordão, Guarulhos, Jacareí, São Carlos, São Paulo and São Roque. Both registration and courses are free.

Notice nº 323/19 - Vestibular Enem IFSP

Annex I - Courses offered 

Annex II - Company Name 

Annex III - Documents for registration 

Annex IV - Medical report form 

Annex V - Appeal against the preliminary report

List of candidates / vacancy 

Preliminary List of Subscribers 

Result of Resources 

Final classification 

Call for Registration - NEW

Rectification 1st call for enrollment - São Carlos Campus  - NEW

For the entry in this 2nd semester, the IFSP made two changes. The first is that registrations were no longer made through Sisu, but directly on the Institute's website, at the electronic address https://processoseletivo.ifsp.edu.br/. The second is that the Institute adopted the Enem grades for 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 as selection criteria.

To compete for the Vestibular Enem IFSP, those interested must have participated in at least one of the editions of Enem listed above, and have not been eliminated in any of the tests or scored zero in the essay. When registering for the selection process, the candidate can choose the grade of which edition he will use. The results of previous editions of Enem are available on the Participant's Page, at the electronic address https://enem.inep.gov.br/.

The step-by-step process for registering is described in items 3 and 4 of the notice. The available places, the offer campuses, the periods of the classes and the specific prerequisites for entering each course can be found in Annex 1 of the notice.

Accessibility - Notice no. 323/19 can be automatically translated into Brazilian Sign Language using the "VLibras" tool suite. Access the portal: http://www.vlibras.gov.br/.

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