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IFSP Campinas Campus starts activities in Campo Grande in the second semester

  • Published: Monday, May 20th, 2019, 12:04 pm
  • Last updated on Tuesday, 21 May 2019, 08:40

In a meeting held on the 17th, the rector Eduardo Antonio Modena and the general director of the Campus Campinas, Eberval Oliveira Castro, defined the beginning of activities in the new building of the Campus Campinas, in the neighborhood of Campo Grande, in the second half of 2019 .

The final delivery of the building took place on May 2. The work involved an investment of R $ 16.495.096,72 million. There are 7 thousand m² of total area with a capacity to serve approximately 1.300 students.

At that first moment, students of the Technical courses in Informatics and Electronics will be received at the new headquarters of the campus, both in the modality concomitant and subsequent to high school, and also the graduate students in Education for Social Integration, totaling 110 students.

The final change of all courses should occur in 2020. The gradual occupation of the campus will occur due to the need for investments that allow the development of educational activities. At the end of April, the Ministry of Education announced the contingency of 30% of the budget of the Federal Institutes, forcing the IFSP to seek alternatives to enable the beginning of activities in Campo Grande.

Even with budgetary constraints, the IFSP Rectory has endeavored to allocate resources for this important action in Campinas. According to a study presented by the campus, for activities to start this year, an investment of 750 thousand reais is required for acquisitions and funding, including the setting up of two classrooms, three laboratories, a library and a cafeteria, hiring cleaning services, surveillance, maintenance, payment of bills for water, energy, telephone, etc.

The rector signaled positively for the release of the R $ 750 thousand needed to start activities at the site. "The additional investments for the full operation of the unit will be presented to the Secretariat of Professional and Technological Education (Setec) linked to the MEC", he informed.

Eberval Oliveira Castro points out that the beginning of the activities of the Campus Campinas in Campo Grande “is an important victory for the region and for the IFSP as a whole. Taking Education to where it is most needed is our mission. With this contribution of resources from the rectory, it will be possible to start educational activities later this year "



The new headquarters of Câmpus Campinas is located at Avenida Heitor Lacerda Guedes, nº 1.000, in the Cidade Satélite Íris neighborhood, in the Campo Grande region, and has a total area of ​​7 thousand m². The investment for the construction of the building was R $ 16.495.096,72 million. The campus has ten classrooms, eight computer labs, six industry labs, a science lab, a library, seven administrative rooms and a cafeteria.

The full occupation of the unit requires investments in acquisitions in the order of R $ 2,7 million so that all environments are equipped, in addition to the annual cost estimated at 1,2 million, including payment of basic bills (such as water, telephone and electricity) and outsourced services (such as cleaning, surveillance and maintenance).

In total, 1.292 students of the courses will benefit from the new structures:

- Electronics technicians integrated with high school;

- Computer technician integrated with high school;

- Electro-electronics technician integrated with high school;

- Computer technicians concurrent and subsequent to high school;

- Electro-electronics technician concurrent and subsequent to high school;

- Systems Development Technician concurrent and subsequent to high school;

- Post-graduation in Education for Social Insertion;

- Post-graduation in Information and Communication Technologies applied to Science teaching;

- Provides Technical in Telecommunications;

- Degree in Pedagogy (Distance Learning modality).

Renato Archer

Since the beginning of its activities, in July 2013, the Campinas Campus of the IFSP works within the Information Technology Center - CTI Renato Archer, thanks to a partnership between the Ministry of Education and the then Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovations and Communications (MCTIC).

Three IFSP courses will continue to work within the CTI Renato Archer, they are: Technology in Analysis and Systems Development, Technology in Industrial Electronics and Specialization in Microelectronics. The development of these courses on site facilitates integration with academic, research and development, and industrial production sectors.

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