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IFSP debates at CONIF budget blockade

  • Published: Thursday, 09 May 2019, 16h51
  • Last updated on Thursday, 09 May 2019, at 17:45

The blocking of 30% of the budget announced by the Federal Government to federal universities and institutes, through the Ministry of Education (Mec) in Decree No. 9741/2019, of March 29, 2019, was the central theme of the 95th Ordinary Council Meeting National Institutions of the Federal Network of Professional, Scientific and Technological Education (Conif) that started this Tuesday, 7, in Brasília. The IFSP was represented by the dean, Eduardo Antonio Modena, by the dean of Administration, Silmário Batista dos Santos, and by the dean's advisor, Newton Lima.

With the objective of obtaining support to recompose the budget of the IFs, Conif organized debates with the secretary of Professional and Technological Education of MEC, Ariosto Antunes Culau, who spoke for the first time to the leaders of the Federal Network. The head of Setec maintained the position of the Federal Government regarding contingency, but clarified “that the portfolio will prioritize the consolidation of the Federal Network with regard to the completion of works that are stopped and in progress, in addition to the acquisition of equipment essential to the functioning of the institutions ”.

“We presented our demands to the secretary. The job at this moment is to present to society that FIs are at the service of exercising citizenship and dignifying the young and adult population, that is why it is important to maintain our planning and budget, which was reduced, ”said Modena.

The IFSP rectory has already informed that the blocking of 30% of the resource generates an impact, if maintained until the end of the year, corresponding to R $ 35 million. This action may compromise the execution of the planned activities of teaching, research and extension of our 36 campuses, for the second semester. There is a working group, within the IFSP, discussing the impacts that the blockade will bring to each of the campuses.


Defense of the IFs

Another event in which the IFSP was represented by the rector, Eduardo Modena, was the debate of the Parliamentary Front in Defense of the IFs. The front is coordinated by federal deputy Reginaldo Lopes (PT / MG) and acts to reverse the 30% blockade. The São Paulo rector was one of the members of the organ's debate table.

The IFSP was represented by the advisor Newton Lima at the hearing of the Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovations and Communications in conjunction with the joint public hearing committee of the Science and Technology, Communication and Informatics and Education commissions, held on Wednesday, 8 , in the Chamber of Deputies. The director of the portfolio, Minister Marcos Pontes, informed that he suffered a blockade of 42% of his budget.

Due to the measure, there will be cuts in scholarships granted by CNPq (National Council for Scientific and Technological Development) and that the terms are only paid until September.

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