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Students from Bragança reach the semifinal of world challenge

Girls develop mobile apps and business models for the Technovation Challenge.

  • Published: Wednesday, 08 May 2019, 15h36
  • Last updated on Wednesday, 21 August 2019, 09h58
Pitch São Paulo winning teams


Last Saturday, May 4th, two teams from Câmpus Bragança Paulista won the classification for the world semifinal stage, after winning the São Paulo stage of the Technovation Challenge, a global competition that offers a program for girls to develop skills and become technology entrepreneurs and leaders.

The participants, girls aged 10 to 18, organize themselves into teams and develop mobile applications and business models, with the support of mentors.

For the competition, the girls developed, during the first months of the year, an application and a business model to solve a community problem. At the Regional Pitch, held on Saturday, they presented their projects to a panel of judges in the areas of technology and business. The event was held at the office of Oracle Brasil, in São Paulo

Participating for the fourth time in the competition, the IFSP Campus Bragança Paulista took to the regional stage seven teams formed by students from integrated technical courses in Informatics, Mechanics and Electro-electronics.

New Age Girls Group presented the Waste Not project


The New Age Girls team won first place in the São Paulo stage, with the Waste Not project, an application whose main objective is to present the importance of composting for the reduction of gases harmful to the environment and food waste. The application helps both in the use of the compost, with the registration of organic materials and the identification of the process phase, as well as those who do not compost, intermediating the purchase and sale of the fertilizer produced. The group is formed by students Lavínia Vitória Guazzi Alves, Vanessa Cypriano de Souza Cavallaro, Livia Melo Alves de Morais, Lohayne Muriel Batista Bueno and Larissa Farias de Morais. 

 Girl Tech Power team presented the FibroFly project


The second place was for the FibroFly project. Developed by the Girl Tech Power team, an application that aims to improve the quality of life of people with fibromyalgia, a syndrome characterized by generalized chronic pain usually associated with fatigue, sleep disorders and cognitive symptoms, which causes great limitation for people with exercise any functions. The application was developed to improve the quality of life of people with the disease, highlighting self-help and self-care, and features exercises recommended by experts, nutritional guidance, audios for guided meditation and motivational phrases, as well as an agenda for recording mood. and monitoring of daily activities. The team is formed by students Giovanna Gonçalves Mariano, Hellen Thainá Turri, Laura dos Reis de Godoy, Livia Rodrigues Fernandes and Raissa Cascaval Alves.

The Technovation Challenge
Campus participation in the 2019 season of the competition started in October with the realization of a hackday during the Technology Week (SEMTEC 2018), organized by students who had already participated in the challenge in previous editions. These veteran students held a training session design thinking, in which the participants should think about community problems that could be solved through technology. Since then, each team has organized itself, with the support of the campus professors, to develop an application and a business model. 

In February, the company Oracle, a partner of the Technovation Challenge Brasil, held a meeting for each of the teams to meet volunteer professionals from the business and technology areas, who started to act as mentors for these teams. Working hard, the students met in person and by videoconference with their teachers and mentors, with meetings even on Saturdays, focused on applications and business models. In April, the teams submitted their work on the competition platform, with the application, the business model (in English), video demonstration of the application and video pitch presenting the solution. 

After the face-to-face presentation and the classification obtained on Saturday, the teams must wait until the month of June, when all the semifinalists in the world will be selected, and then, by virtual evaluation, 6 teams will be selected for the Global Final that will take place in person in August, in California. The winning team in 1st place will win $ 15 scholarships and 2nd place $ 12 scholarships.

Hackday held in October 2018


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