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PRP promotes scientific writing course

Activity will take place on May 14th, 15th and 16th at the São Paulo Campus. Registrations continue until May 7.

  • Published: Tuesday, April 16th, 2019, 13:06 am

The IFSP promotes, on May 14, 15 and 16, the course “The Art of Scientific Writing”. Organized by the Dean of Research and Graduate Studies, the course will be taught by Professor Gilson Volpato, from 8:30 am to 17:30 pm, at the São Paulo Campus.

Initially, 30 vacancies will be made available for professors and administrative technicians related to research and 30 for students of master's degrees, lato sensu graduate courses and scientific initiation scholarship holders at the institution. Priority will be given to those who register for the 24-hour course. There is no provision for daily rates or tickets for servers.

Interested parties must complete the application form, until May 7, via the web (click and access) with special attention to the data provided, as the participation certificates will be made with this data and there will be no correction of certificates due to data typed incorrectly by the participants. The list of approved entries will be published on May 9th.

Students from other teaching modalities can send their applications to form a reserve register. If there are vacancies remaining, these students will be called.

The certification will only be awarded to those who have completed 100% of the course load for which they have signed up.

Subscriptions on: https://forms.gle/hU8Mpu9RAVm1EnKy8

Questions and information: 

Important dates

Registration - from 16/04 to 07/05/2019

Disclosure of confirmed registrations - 09/05 after 12pm

Realization of the course - May 14, 15 and 16

About the speaker Professor Gilson Volpato was a professor at UNESP / Botucatu and has over 30 years of experience in the areas of Methodology, Writing and Scientific Publication, in addition to several books on the subject. He also teaches courses on Science Writing and is the creator of the Gilson Volpato Institute of Science Education (IGVEC).

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