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IFSP opens selection process for Scientific Initiation projects

Faculty members of IFSP technical and higher courses can register projects until May 02.

  • Published: Thursday 11 April 2019, 12:59 pm
  • Last updated on Monday, April 15, 2019, 09h54

The IFSP, through the Dean of Research and Graduate Studies (PRP), makes public the selection process for Scientific Initiation projects. Advisors can register until the day May 02, via Suap.

Projects aimed at higher education students can be enrolled in two programs: Institutional Program for Scientific Initiation Scholarships (PIBIC) of the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq), which has the notice, registration form and model of research projects available at this link: https://prp.ifsp.edu.br/diretoria-de-pesquisa/iniciacao-cientifica-e-tecnologica/pibic/pibic-edicao-2019-2020; and CNPq's Institutional Program for Initiation in Technological Development and Innovation (PIBITI), whose registration information can be accessed here: https://prp.ifsp.edu.br/diretoria-de-pesquisa/iniciacao-cientifica-e-tecnologica/pibiti/pibiti-edicao-2019-2020

Projects aimed at students of higher education courses benefiting from Affirmative Action Policies at IFSP can participate in projects of the Institutional Program for Scientific Initiation Scholarships in Affirmative Actions (PIBIFSP-AF). Access the notice at: https://prp.ifsp.edu.br/diretoria-de-pesquisa/iniciacao-cientifica-e-tecnologica/pibifsp/pibifsp-af-edicao-2019-2020  

Projects that involve students from integrated technical courses, concurrent and subsequent, can apply for scholarships from the Institutional Program for Scientific Initiation Scholarships aimed at high school students (PIBIC-EM) from CNPq. All information and selection criteria are available at: https://prp.ifsp.edu.br/diretoria-de-pesquisa/iniciacao-cientifica-e-tecnologica/pibic-em/pibic-em-edicao-2019-2020

This year, the PIBIC and PIBITI edicts were separated and the professors must enroll in the selection processes, according to the characteristics of the research project. PIBIC seeks to generate new knowledge from discoveries, providing scholarship holders with the learning of research techniques and methods; and at PIBITI this prior research knowledge is used to develop (create, invent) a new (or improved) product, process or service for the market.

PIBITI aims to stimulate scholarship holders in activities, methodologies, knowledge and practices specific to technological development and innovation processes. Therefore, the content of PIBITI should involve development activity aimed at the production of a new product, the improvement of a product that is already commercialized, as well as the creation or improvement of a production process, such as, for example, the realization of the same product. process using fewer resources, thus allowing efficiency gains in processes.

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